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Busuu FAST Language Learning - Android App Review

The steps involved with learning a language are very convoluted and time consuming. They seem to be obtuse and scattered with how each publisher or ...

BrainPop Application

For my IP&T 444 class Brain POP Ipad application review for Science.

BrainPOP UK Featured Movie App walkthrough

Please note: This is a walkthrough for Version 1.2 of our free Featured movie App. Version 2.0, allowing full access to all BrainPOP UK movies, is now available ... Password+Username!

if the one above doesn't work try these ones: Username: cassbp Password: brainpop Username: Sunshine0711 Password: Sunshine0711 username: ...

Prizmo to SpeechTranslator : Apps for ESL students

Provide easy access to hard copy text scanned in Prizmo to read aloud instantly in English or copy/paste to a translation App to have translated to any language.

Using the Thinglink app in the ESL Classroom

EDU580- Web 2.0/Mobile App Final Presentation Part 2

Deann Lawson EDU580- Web 2.0/Mobile App Final Presentation Part Brain Pop Remind Citrix.

Pearson Pop-Up Add: Hackathon June 2014

Pearson Pop-Up: Anytime Anywhere English Language Quizzes This app provides pop-up vocabulary quizzes that arrive on a student's phone or tablet ...

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